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SJ Recorder App

In 2013 the Marine Biology Section developed a seashore recording app to assist with its species and habitat recording projects. The app was named SJ Recorder and allowed field workers to collect GPS positioned species and habitat data rapidly. Experienced users can collect two or three hundred records an hour using the app. These can then be exported via email in either Excel (csv) or KML formats, ready for loading into GIS, database or other software.

     As word spread, so the app was developed further to include lists for all the main natural history groups (plants, insects, birds, geology, etc.). The app was developed for use within the Société but groups from across the UK have expressed an interest. We have therefore made the app available to anyone that wants it. The app installation (apk) file may be downloaded from here together with a set of instructions.

     Please take note the following:

        - The app only works on Android (4.1 or higher). It will not work on iPhones, Windows, etc.

        - The app is installed and used entirely at your own risk.

        - The app is aimed at Channel Islands users and therefore will include/omit some species found in the UK. There is a function for adding bespoke species lists.

        - No support or further development  options are offered.

        - The app will require access to the GPS and database function son your phone but it does not collect any personal or other data.

        - The app is not listed on Google Play. The app file will need to be installed manually on your device. See instructions for details.