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The Seashore Life of Jersey

Every year the Société Jersiaise receives e-mails, letters and phone calls from people who have found interesting things on the beach which they cannot identify. Such enquires are always welcome but they highlighted the need for a basic seashore guide which can introduce people to the wealth of marine life from around our coastline. We are therefore proud to present this illustrated guide to Jersey’s seashore life.

Using the collective experience of the Marine Biology Section, we have photographed over 360 of the most commonly encountered seashore plants and animals on Jersey. This guide contains all these images together with some basic notes concerning names and habitats. We have also included a list of traditional Jersey-Norman French names which, although not much used these days, need to be recorded in print before they are lost entirely.

We hope that you will enjoy using this guide and that it will increase general awareness about the beauty and fragility of Jersey’s marine environment.

If you encounter any of the plants and animals featured in this guide then please let the Marine Biology Section know where and when you saw them. We need as much information as possible about our seashore life and are grateful to receive reports of all marine species, even the really common ones.

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