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Jersey Rock and Coastal Names Project

This project is collecting the traditional and modern names of Jersey’s coastal rocks, caves, sandbanks, headlands, coves, beaches, etc. The project is in its early stages and there are many names that have not been recorded or are in the wrong.

Please download this draft atlas (see below) and see if you can add anything to it. We would particularly like some or all of the following information:?

- The names of any rocks, sandbanks, coves, bays, beaches, caves, gullies, rock-pools, headlands, sea areas, reefs, etc., that are missing from the charts. These could be any language and of any date.

- Please provide some means of locating the named feature. Marked on a chart/map (including the ones in this book) or a latitude & longitude is best but any means of locating it will do.

- If you know the origin of the feature or its history. For example, is it a fishing mark? Was a boat wrecked on it? Where did you learn the name from?  

- Please tell us about out any errors such as location, spelling, etc. Many of the names have been plotted from historical transit marks that have long since gone.

- Do you know of any written lists, charts, etc., that might have names on them?

If so, please contact us with the details.