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Marine Biology Section - Publications

As part of its commitment to education and promotion of the marine environment, members of the Marine Biology Section have produced several books and guides concerning local marine wildlife and habitats.

In 2014 the Section put together a colour pictorial guide to Jersey’s coastal marine life. Over 500 photographs covering 367 species were submitted by our members and the book was published using ‘print on demand’. The book is called The Seashore Life of Jersey and over 400 copies have been sold  to date.

In 2016 the Section was instrumental in producing a landmark book on the history, culture and natural history of Les Minquiers reef. This book has received international praise and the work behind it received a prize under the Best Environmental project at the Insurance Annual Awards 2016.

As our various research projects reach completion so we are publishing the results in the Société Jersiaise’s annual Bulletin as well as more learned journals such as Mollusc World. Our members have also contributed to many other works both by the Société and other organisations.

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Channel Island Marine Molluscs Seashore Guide Les Minquiers - A Natural History