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Project Ormer (Ormer Tagging)

The Ormer (Haliotis tuberculata) is an iconic marine species that lives low on the shore and is highly prized by low water fishermen. Historical records speak of 100,000 or more Ormers being caught across large spring tides.

In 2017 the Marine Biology Section started a project which aims to assess the size of Jersey’s Ormer population and to understand better certain key aspects of their biology, behaviour and ecology. LATEST PROJECT UPDATE

Project Ormer involves searching for Ormers around Jersey’s coast at a number of different habitat types. When an Ormer is found it is measured, tagged, photographed and returned to exactly where it came from.

At periodic intervals the tagged Ormers are being revisited so they can be measured and any distance they have moved calculated.

Good ormering locations are a closely guarded secret and so all information gathered is held in strict confidence.


Ormers have been tagged using YELLOW DISCS and YELLOW OVAL TAGS. Both have been glued onto the shell and both have a FOUR DIGIT NUMBER on them. The glue is non-toxic to the Ormer.

We would prefer it that any tagged Ormers are left in the wild so our research can continue. However, we will absolutely understand if you want to take it for food (provided it is of legal size!). If you find a tagged could you:

1 - Accurately record the location. A GPS position would be brilliant. Also, please take a picture of the Ormer if possible from above and the side.

2 - If you do take the Ormer for food then could we please have access to the shell so we can accurately measure it. Feel free to measure it yourself but we are measuring to an accuracy of 0.1 mm with specialist equipment and would prefer to do this ourselves.

3 - If you don’t take the Ormer then please make a note of its tag number and, if possible, photograph it and the rock it was found under. If it was found in a crevice, please note this.

4 - Please contact the Marine Biology Section. Our details are here or our email address is

5 - In return we will be able to tell you something about the Ormer you have found. If you are the first person to find it then we will even name it after you!

- All data relating to Project Ormer is held in strict confidence and is not available to the public.-

Tagged ormers: top = disc; above = label.