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Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Over the past decade Jersey has created a network of marine areas where the use of mobile fishing gear (principally trawling and dredging) is prohibited. This has protected key marine habitats (such as seagrass and maerl) from destructive fishing techniques. Other lower impact fishing methods, such as angling, potting and low water fishing, are still permitted. In 2018 these zones were registered as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) under the OSPAR Convention.

These MPAs cover approximately 150 km2 (or 6.5%) of Jersey’s total seabed area. Included within this are all of the island’s seagrass beds, a majority of its kelp forests and areas containing a high percentage of living maerl. This includes two important offshore reefs at Les Ecrehous (15 km2) and Les Minquiers (47.5 km2).

Jersey’s MPAs have created a conservation network which will help preserve regional biodiversity and the restocking of commercially fished species such as scallops, lobster, crab, whelks and various fin fish.

Below is an interactive map showing the location of Jersey’s MPAs. This map is approximate. The exact coordinates for the boundaries may be obtained from the Department of the Environment (States of Jersey).