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The Annual Public Lecture on Marine Biology

The Annual Marine Biology public lecture has become a regular fixture at the Société Jersiaise. These lectures are designed to raise interest band awareness of the marine environment and are open to the public. They are only possible because of generous sponsorship from our corporate partners.

In 2013 the first lecture welcomed Dr Carl Meyer of the University of Hawaii who shares the adventures of his work in tracking sharks and other large predators though the pacific. Dr Meyer’s talk highlighted the futility of shark culling to protect swimmers by showing that Great Whites and other large predators can and regally do cross entire oceans in search of food or breeding sites.

In 2014 the Section welcomed Dr Daniel Jones to give an insight into the hidden depths that lay only a couple of hundred miles from our coast. Dr Jones gave the audience an insight into the challenges and excitements of working at great depth and showed us many of the rarely seen animals that live in the depths of the Eastern Atlantic ocean.

In 2015 the Section hosted two members of Le Groupe d’Etude des Cétacés du Cotentin (GECC) for a presentation on their research on dolphins and other marine mammals in the waters around Jersey and the other Channel Islands. Shortly before this we had received funding to begin our own dolphin acoustic research programme.

The 2017 lecture was delivered on the 27 March by the expert and founder of Project Seagrass, Dr Richard Unsworth (University of Swansea). Dr Unsworth explained the environmental and economic importance of seagrass in relation to Jersey and the rest of the world.

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The extent of seagrass off Jersey’s south-east coast in 1933. By 1944 over 90% of this seagrass had been killed by disease.

A Bottle-nosed Dolphin surfaces next to a boat off Jersey’s east coast.