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Seashore Habitat Mapping

It is the Marine Biology Section’s belief that a lack of detailed knowledge about our seashore and seabed habitats risks undermining decisions concerning sustainable marine management. Much of the Section’s project work seeks to plug this knowledge gap and in 2015 a very ambitious two part project was launched which seeks to survey and map all of Jersey’s inter and subtidal habitats.

The first part of this project concerns the island’s intertidal habitats. Thanks to generous funding from Jersey Electricity and the Société Jersiaise this is already underway and several thousand sample points have already been collected. It is hoped that a complete habitat map of Jersey’s coast will be completed by 2020.

The second part of the project requires the use of cameras and divers to survey the seabed. Boat trials in 2015 have proved that it is possible to survey large areas of seabed quickly but it is time consuming and expensive. This part of the project will require additional funding before it can proceed and partners are currently being sought.

An extract of a seashore habitat

for Les Minquiers reef.

An interactive habitat

map for Les Minquiers

An interactive topographic

map for Les Minquiers

A seashore habitat for Les Écréhous reef.