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Seashore Visits and Fieldwork

Several times a year the Marine Biology Section will gather on the seashore or head offshore to Jersey’s reefs by boat to carry out general walks and specific surveys.

These visits are an opportunity for people interested in the seashore to find out a little more about the marine world and to help contribute to its understanding and protection.

Our surveys are often used to explore new areas of seashore and to gather records and photographs from around Jersey. We particularly look for changes in habitats and undertake specific monitoring of key habitats and species such as seagrass, rock pools, gully systems and burrowing bivalves. The Section also keeps an eye out for newly arrived invasive species or the increased spread of existing ones.

Invasive species are one of the major issues facing the marine environment with the most notorious examples being Sargassum weed, slipper limpets and Pacific oysters. New arrivals are found almost every year (since 2010 almost all newly arrived invasives have been discovered by Section members) and their spread needs to be carefully monitored to determine their impact on local flora and fauna.

For legal reasons these walks and visits are only open to Société Jersiaise members

Fieldwork at Grève de Lecq.

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