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Dolphin and Seal Monitoring

Jersey has one of the largest pods of Bottle-nosed Dolphins in the world. We also have small colonies of Grey Seals and several other species of dolphin and whales that will stray into our waters from time to time.

Monitoring dolphins is not easy as they live offshore and are irregularly encountered but the Marine Biology Section has several different projects which aim to document and better understand the nature of our marine mammals. These projects include:

- Dolphin Sightings (See Our Live Map)

If you are a boat owner or regularly spot dolphins from the shore then please install and use our smartphone app. You can then make live reports which will appear on a public map.

The app works through Epicollect5 - once installed you can report a dolphin/seal sighting in a about 30 seconds - the app will ask a few questions and then upload the data to our public website



Alternatively, you can report any marine mammal sightings using the Société Jersiaise wildlife recording form.

- A Remote Dolphin Recording Device (CPOD)

In 2016 the Co-op Eco Fund and Moore Stephens generously provided us with funding to buy two CPODs. These are hi-tech devices that sit on the seabed for several months, automatically recording the sounds of dolphins and whales as they swim past. The project is technology heavy and has had some teething troubles but as of March 2017, one of devices has been deployed off Jersey’s east coast.

Our other CPOD lost its mooring during autumn storms but it is believed to still be on the seabed and will be retrieved as soon as divers can be arranged. It is located just south-east of the Horn Rock off Grouville Bay - if any divers comes across it we would be very, very grateful to have it returned.

Our aim is to have a network of four or five CPODs covering all the island’s coast all year round. Each CPOD costs at least £1,500 and we are current looking for funding for this project. Please get in touch if you can help.

- Stranded Marine Mammals

Stranded marine mammals on Jersey should be reported immediately to the Environment Department (Tel:441600) or, out of work hours, to Jersey Coastguard (Tel: 447705)

Full notes and measurements are taken of any dead dolphins or seals that are stranded on Jersey. This information is coordinated by the States of Jersey Marine Resources Section but members of the Marine Biology Section often assist with this.

A dolphin leaps clear of the water east of

Jersey in January 2017

Grey seals at Les Écréhous in March 2017

One of our C-POD dolphin listening devices.

See our Live Dolphin and Seal Sightings Map