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Diatoms of the Channel Islands

This atlas contains all 366 diatom species to have been recorded in the Channel Islands. Each diatom is illustrated and has information concerning where and when it was found and by whom. Basic ecological and taxonomic information is given along with with any comments or notes that are of local interest. As well a collecting and modernising diatom records from historical and contemporary sources, this atlas offers a basic introduction to diatom natural history and to their study within the Channel Islands. This guide will be of interest to botanists, microscopists and local natural historians as well as diatomists. Most of the species covered are also found in the UK and on the European continent and so the atlas part of the book may be of general use to amateur and professional researchers outside of the Channel Islands.

Features of this book include:

    - All 366 species of diatom recorded from the Channel Islands.

    - Clear line drawings for every the species featured.

    - An introduction to the natural history of diatoms.

    - Marine, freshwater and brackish species.

    - A summary of all known historical diatom records.

    - Advice on diatom sample preparation.

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