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Beach Cleaning

Beach litter is a global problem and Jersey receives its fair share of human generated detritus which gets washed in on every tide. In partnership with Littlefeet Environmental, the Jersey branch of Sea Shepherd and our corporate sponsors, the Section works to remove the worst of this litter each year.

Often this is done through the assistance of local companies, whose staff will be given time off to help clean specific areas of coastline. As well as removing litter, the Section records what rubbish is being found and also takes part in annual surveys to determine what is being found and where its origins may lie.

Discarded plastics can be incredibly harmful to marine life causing strangulation, entanglement, stomach blockages and starvation. As well as small litter we on occasion come across commercial pots or nets that have been lost at sea and have continue to ‘ghost fish’ causing huge mortality. Often these can be located by their smell alone!

Balloons discarded at Bonne Nuit bay. Balloons can drift for miles and can land anywhere. In 2016 a party balloon was even found on the main island at Les Minquiers.

Lost fishing gear is often washed up following winter storms.

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